Carnival Conquest

Greetings friends! It’s been a long week of settling back in to life here in Germany. We both battled jet lag but I think we’re finally back on a normal-for-us schedule. Just a quick hand ball update: The US MNT travels to  Mexico on 9 October and begins their play there against the Dominican Republic on 16 October. For the program to continue to the Olympics they’d have to take first and for the team to get a shot at the World Championships they have to place at least 3rd. We’ll be keeping an eye on how things are going and be sure to keep you all updated.

Now, for what you’ve been waiting for: the cruise recap! Here’s where I confess up-front that I honestly didn’t take that many pictures. We were there on our honeymoon and both just wanted to relax. For us, the cruise was a perfect way to do this. We got to actually unpack our suitcases, stay in the same bed for 7 nights, and still travel across the Western Caribbean. Perfect.

Quite possibly the part of the cruise that I was the most excited about were the towel animals. I mean, you hear all about them when you start looking into a cruise. That, and, well I love stuffed animals. I was pretty impressed with our towel animals and down right amazed by one. They add a cute touch when you go back to your room after dinner and find the next day’s activities guide. Let me know which was your favorite, also, feel free to help with the identification of the animals…

day one: a simple seal


day two: a puppy dog?


day three: when i was glad they put the gremlin on brian's pillow


day four: the turtle


day five: the monkey


day six: the bear


day seven: the puppy?

Not going to lie, the hardest adaptation back to the real world for me was the lack of a towel animal on my bed every evening. Well, that and the fact that they make up your bed every time you turn around. It was hot and humid outside and cold as could be in our room. So every trip back resulted in me reading under the blankets. And after what seemed like every trip out, we’d come back to a freshly made bed. Talk about pampered treatment, our poor bed never gets fully made up. Unless our parents are visiting or reading this, in which case of course we make it every morning.

What truly astounded me on the cruise was how much there was to do. Destination shopping seminars, gem seminars, the Spa, the Gym complete with personal trainers, bingo  tournaments, bean bag tournaments, magic shows, stage productions, comedy clubs, an arcade, a piano bar, lounges, the casino. Oh yeah, and of course the two pools, four hot tubs, water slide, basketball court, volleyball court, and mini-golf course. You could literally take your pic of any and everything and try a little of it all. Which, of course, we did.

we played mini golf twice


i won the second round. there may or may not have been cheating.


we dressed up and went to a show or ten


the inside of the theater


lounging by the pool


hiding from the camera


we dressed up and took pictures


we watched to ocean in casual dining

And all of this was just on the ship. I didn’t actually take any pictures during dinner. Our dining partner’s never actually showed up. But, after the first night, neither did the partners of the table next to us. So we all just paired up. We were going to take a picture with them the last night of the cruise, but I guess they decided to go to alternative dining because we never saw them.

Everything everyone has ever said about cruise food is true. There really is food available 24/7. The food in the dining room is amazing. We ate: lobster, filet mignon, shrimp, alligator, shark, oysters, sushi, frog legs, escargot, and so much more. The best dessert on the ship was a chocolate melting cake – warm and crusty on the outside it’s hot and gooey on the inside. Truly, the perfect dessert. Our wait-staff was terrific and knew us by name. They’d even greet us outside of the dining room.

The comedy club was our favorite place to spend time. Carnival did a great job bringing in some seriously funny people. After the first two guys left, I was prepared to be let down by the new comedians. But they really brought it and may have possibly been funnier than the original pair.

Oh yeah, there were destinations on this cruise, weren’t there. While we did get off the ship in both Jamaica and Cozumel, we stayed on during Grand Cayman. We also didn’t do any excursions. We figured we could wander our way around pretty well on our own. This was definitely true in Cozumel; but slightly less so in Jamaica. Our shuttle driver in Jamaica ended up lying to our group to try to get us to pay extra for him to do his job. This resulted in us being stranded at a tiny little strip mall for over 2 hours. Still, it was a learning experience. Cozumel was super awesome though. We shopped, we found a beach, we lounged. I couldn’t have asked for a better final destination.

pretty jamaica


jamaica from the top of the ship


drinks at mister sancho's beach in cozumel


mhmmm, mango daquiri


pretty beach

The whole time leading up to Cozumel, the cruise directors kept warning us to not get confused and get on the wrong ship. The Conquest was docked right next to the Valor and if you got on the wrong ship you would end up back in Miami. They made quite the sight to see at the docks.

the twin ships

I was genuinely sad to get off of the cruise ship. The whole experience was amazing. Everything was set up to perfectly cultivate relaxation, laughter, and great memories. The sun was a welcome companion and I really do feel ready to tackle my second German winter.



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  1. Jen
    Oct 05, 2011 @ 18:45:46


    You are one sexy mama lounging in that deck chair! Seriously! You should make that your Facebook picture.

    The worst part of the cruise is having to get off it at the end of the trip. it is a life I could get used to! And yes, I totally geeked out over the towel animals too.

    That chocolate melting cake is amazing! Seriously. I could eat it every night.

    Glad y’all had fun. Will be praying about B’s Mexico trip and his results there.


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